Blogs have become a huge phenomenon and blogs about magic are no exception. This is the one page for which I am publishing a warning. Blogs tend to be stream of consciousness ranting. As such, you might find the language or thoughts objectionable. On the other hand, you also might find a great routine buried in these pages. Proceed at your own risk!

The Amateur Magician
American Sideshow Blowoff - Another carny blog
Amusing the Zillion - Blog by a former Carny
Automata-Automaton Blog
The Cardman Blog
Card Tricks and Magical Mysteries
The Closeup Pad
Daves Modern Magic - A journey through classic magic texts
The Devil Still Deals Dale Hildebrandt's blog, bizarre and mentalist
Double Deal
A Note from Paul Gross - from Hocus Pocus Magic
High on Magic
Intensely Magic
Kennedy - British mentalist - offers free newsletter
Krazy Dad
The Magic Advocate
Magical Conversations
Magic Archives - features lots of old Genii covers
Magic Bullets
The Magic Detective
Magic Interviews
Magic News - Another great site from the Magic Roadshow
Magic Reviews
Magic Utopia
Magic Watch
The Magic Whack
Magick Words
Ministry of Manipulation
Mr. Gadfly
The Philosophers Stone - from Asian card whiz, Zenneth Kok
Planet Strange - English magic blog
Poolside Reflections
Real Magic Reviews Blog
Rebuilding a Mystery
The Sarcastic Magician
Street Magic Bullets
Three Cards Short
Ye Olde Magick Blogge