Brainpoke - A mag focusing on presentation
Genii - If you have to ask, you're on the wrong site!
Little Egypt Gazette - Quit publishing in 1997 but has the entire Vol. II available online. Very nice with effects from Paul Harris and Ken Krenzel. Don't miss this one! 
Inside Magic - Interviews, reviews, forums. loads of stuff
The Linking Page- Online Magic Newspaper . "A Realtime Magic Newswire" 
Magic - One of the prettiest magic magazines ever published
Magic Coach - Free newsletter on marketing yourself 
Magic New Zealand Ezine - Free and excellent. Worth the visit.
Magic Seen - Glossy British publication
Magic Zoom - the Daily Magic magazine
My Magic Headline News - Free subsrciption to Magic News newsletter
Magic Roadshow - Magic newsletter
Prestidigital - Magic magazine only available on DVD
Reel Magic - Distributed on DVD with columnists like Simon Lovell and David Regal.
The Skeptic - Free pdf™s of all back issues of this Australian magazine
Talkaboutmagic- Online newsletter. Includes discussions you can download in MP3 format
Vanish - A s free online magic magazine
Voices - Online mag includes interviews with Penn & Teller individually