Brief Bios of Magic Inventors
Chinese Sticks - Beautiful collection of many photos
Clark Wirthlins Cups and Balls Site 
Conjuring Arts Research Center - Home of Ask Alexander
Conjuring Credits - Find the origin of that trick you are doing
Conjuring Lights - Gallery of magicians’ portraits
Danis Magic Home Collection - Nice photos of his collection
Everything Erdnase - Just like the name of the site says!
Ray Goulet’s Mini Museum of Magic - One of Boston;s best kept secrets and an incredible collection of historical magical items
The Great Foodini - Early TV puppet show
Handcuffs.org - A guide to vintage handcuffs.
The History of S W Erdnase
Houdini's Miracle Mongers - Read the whole book online or download it as an E-book 
Houdini Museum of NY - A gift from Fantasma
House of Deception - dedicated to the history of theatrical deception
Marttinkas A Brief History
Mindmagician.org - Very nice downloadable collection of vintage magic books
Gary Michaels Collection
Rare Book Reading Room - So nice when your government provides something this good
Thurston - Master Magicia - Rory Feldman’s tribute to one of the greats
Wild About Harry - Nice fansite about one of the all-time greats