Online Videos

Abracadabra Magic - Online demos
All Magic Magic Show- Several nice videos (including one with Houdini) 
Larry Barnowski├é┬ - videos by the author of 21st Century Coin Mechanics
Dan Birch - Download his entire dove act
Derren Brown video clip - Great British mentalists
California Magic - Even more product demos
Card Flourishes - A whole pile of stuff to watch
The Card Trick Teacher - Sleights, tricks and lots of videos
The Club of Magic
Con Cam Productions - Cool stuff from Paul Wilson
Doug Conn Closeup - Nice Read Media videos of Doug's work
The Ellusionist - Promo demo videos 
Flourishman - Six videos of card flourishes
Handlordz- De’Vo’s site
How to Do Card Tricks - Tricks and flourishes
Itricks - Podcast, news, videos. This site has it all.
Magic Decks - Killer Youtube channel teaching card flourishes
Magic Trick Videos - Like the trick? Buy the video instruction online. Mainly beginner stuff
Magic Vision Web Theatre - (Flash opening only) 
Martin's Magic - Video demos
Showtheatre - Online demos from the Trickery 
Sleight Geek - Upload your work or view others. Tons of stuff to see
Sleight Videos - Very nice selection of video showing sleights.
Stone Cold Magic - Some nice demos in Quicktime format
Superhandz - Don't miss this one. Has to be seen to be believed 
Virtual Magic Show - Nice instructional videos on card handling
Xplore Magic - Watch, learn and amaze your friends
World Magic Center. - Videos plus online book "Theory of magic"