All About Magicians - Who’s who in the world of magic
All Magic Reader - Lots of articles. Download free Magic e-Books.
Antiques Auction - But a lot of tricks are taught, too.
Bartender Magic - Some tricks for your patrons
Bizarre Magic.net - Resources for the those into bizarre magic
The Blaine Experience - Dedicated to the master of street magic
Classic Magic - A ton of free magic to learn
Diamond Jim Tyler's Interactive Magic - The name says it all
Dragon Skull - Lectures on Bizarre magic (Peter Marucci, etc.) 
Harrison's Magic Website - Intro to magic, Magiczine,Magic Manual, also, very cool online Buffy the Vampire Slayer trick!
Houdini's Miracle Mongers - Read the whole book online or download it as an E-book 
How to do Tricks - Free and easy magic tricks
Illusionwiki - Great source for your magic research
Learnmagics.com - Tricks, articles and videos. Very attractive site.
Learn Magic Tricks for Free - 19 tricks to learn for gratis.
Learn Real Magic - Newsletter, forum, instruction. What more could you want? 
The Living Web - Magic Links
Mage's World of Magic - Sleight index, easy, hard and original tricks. 
Magic.About.Com - Join their newsletter for new tricks every week. About.com also has sites for just about every interest imaginable. 
Magic and Magicians - Information and facts, history
Magician School - Learn magic tricks online
Magic Lineage Project - Credit history of moves, gimmicks, effects, illusions, etc. 
Magic FAQ - Great info from alt.magic
MagicPlans.com - Very nice looking site. A good place to waste time
Magic Session - Very nice site from S.A.M. member. Tricks, history, bios, dictionary
Magic Trick School- Piles of stuff to learn. Waste some time here!
Magic-tricks.ws - The Magic Tricks Homepage
Magic Web Channel - Online Magic resource guide
Misdirection Center - A lot on info on misdirection
My Lovely Assistant.com - Tons of reviews. Great site!
Online Interactive Magic - Some neat little time wasters 
Pentrix - Spinning pens. Not magic but could look pretty cool with a wand
People’s Magic Library- Absolutely fabulous site with lots of online books
Real Magic - Magic secrets revealed
Simple Magik - Tricks for beginners
Street Magic Info - Learn tricks, download videos and sign up for the free newsletter
Tenyo World - Tenyo fan's site with history and trick descriptions 
Topit Portal - Portal to Magic resources in German 
Vanishing Rabbit - Tricks for cards, coins, dice, mentalism, etc. plus explanation of sleights 
Virtual Magic - Magic News in French 
Zoom - PBS kids' teaches a few tricks online