Balloon Twisting UK - the place for twisters to gather.
Martin Breese - British dealer
Captivating Costumes - If you are in England and need a costume, here it is
Cometa Magico - History, news and tricks
Canadian Magicians Archive
Card-Shark.de - German source for gaffed cards
French Magic - If you can speak French, you're all set
Fredi Up. - French dealer with pricey but incredible looking thumbtips
Ipswich Magic Society - British magic clubs
London Wedding Magicians - Let’s put these guys to work
Magic Course - Magic lessons in Sydney Australia
Magic Week- Magic in the U.K. Online
Magischer Zirkel - The Magic Circle of Germany
Planet Strange - English magic blog
Psycrets - British Society of Mystery Entertainers
Radio Magic - English radio show on magic
Sorcerers Safari - Magic camp in Canada
Talk Magic - Looks like England’s version of the Magic Cafe
Vanishing Inc - New company from Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay
Wizard‒s Plaza- You can both buy and sell used magic here


Gordon Astley - England
David Bonsall - England.
Mark Cairns - British Mentalist
Crazy Kris - England (Children’s Entertainer)
David Crofts - Instructions for a couple of nice card flourishes
Kif Card Artistry - Very nice stuff from Kif Chan - Hong Kong
Matt Duggan - England
Paul Edmondson - England
Robert Fox - England
Julius Frack - Germany
Andi Gladwin - England
Alan Hudson - England
Rob James - England
Jordi Jansen - Netherlands
Phil Jay - England
Ken Kelly - England
Kennedy - British mentalist
Zenneth Kok- Creator of the "Impossible Twist" - Hong Kong
Roger Lapin - England
Tom London - England
David Merry - Canada
Dave Moore - Scotland
Kris Naylor - England (Closeup Magic)
Chris Peskett - England
Guy Portlock - England
Noel Qualter - England
Darren Robinson - England
Frederic Sharp - England
Kerry Skorah - England
James Smith - England
Mike Stoner - England
Ashley Turner - England
Wedding Day Magic - England
Boris Wild - France
Duncan William - England
William the Wizard - England, Nottingham based children's entertainer
David Wilmot - England
Ozzy Wizzpop- England
Wolflock - South Africa