Occasionally I will run into a site that is just too good not to pass along but it doesn't seem to fit one of the standard categories so it will end up here. Hope you enjoy it.

Axell Expressions - Vent dummies and puppets
Cardstacker - Not card tricks but amazing nonetheless.
Conjurors' Magic Archive - Agood source of magical history
Creator of Mysterious Stories - Barry Wiley shares some of his mentalism related works
Discoverie of Witchcraft - Reginald Scot's classic online 
Encyclopedia of Scams
Eyetricks- Cool optical illusions
From Demon Possession to Magic Show - Fascinating reading
The Ghost Hours - Cool stuff including a recording of Houdini’s voice
Google’s Patent Search - Spend hours in here and have a great time
Gospel Balloons - Gospel balloon ministry
Hat Manipulation - Care and feeding of your hat included
International Puppetry Museum
The Internet Juggling Database- Links to all things juggled
The Magic Shop - Delightful online story by H.G. Wells 
Mind Bluff - Have some fun with optical illusions
Miss Charming - Some cool bar tricks
Mnemonics References - Great for memory work
The Mystica - An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, etc.
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena - Plan to spend a few minutes here
Pseudopod.org - Audio files of horror stories, not classics, all new stuff 
The Psychic Investigator - Great stuff for mentalism or bizarre routines
Sandlot Science - Not magic but way too cool not to include
The Skeptics Dictionary - Great background resource plus it’s fun to explore
Tricks With Hats - Very, very cool stuff you can do with hats
U.S. Patents Online - See how Tenyo does all that neat stuff
VentriloQuest - Very cool if you are into vent work
Ventriloquist Central - A tribute to ventriloquism - Great photos of vent dummies. ¦ Long time collector, Dan Wiillinger, tells you all you need to know without moving his lips