Acme Magic - Magic classifieds, chat and forums
Live Magic Guide - See where to see magic!
M&M Magic Product Review - Just what the sign says.
Magic! - The Global Magicians' Network
Magic Auction - Buy and sell online
Magic Audio Archives - Some very nice audio files of famous magicians
Magicbooks.be - Research where the info you need is printed
The Magic Cafe - Online meeting place with tons of forums
Magic Clip Art - Three galleries of magic related clip art
Magician Directory - Worldwide directory of magicians
MagicReviewed.com - Check that trick out before you buy
Magic Web Clip Art
Magic Reference Pages - Lists of books by subject matter
The Magic Forum - Discussion groups
The Magician’s Marketplace
Magic News - Another great site from the Magic Roadshow
Murphy’s Magic - One of the largest magic wholesalers
My Lovely Assistant - Well established magic review site
Project Magic Inventors - Who invented what? These guys tell you 
Quality Magic Books - Reviews of magic books
Questx - archives of great magic discussions
Trick Pirates - No, this is not what you are thinking. These guys provide magicians with a forum to sell their creations.
TV Magic Guide Find out what will be on TV this week that has to do with magic